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osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair

uPhoria Warm Foot and Leg Massager


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Foot Massager With Heat
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Reflexology Foot Massager w/ Heat to Soothe Aches and Pamper Your Feet

The OSIM uPhoria Warm Foot & Calve Massager combines its humanized and specialized leg massage technology to bring warmth and energy back to your feet and legs.

Foot Massager With Heat

Soothing full-leg relief for Ladies who love their Heels!

Now fine-tuned to target areas made vulnerable from wearing high heels, the new and enhanced OSIM uPhoria Warm combines its signature Tui-Na with specialized leg massage technology to bring warmth, energy and well-being back to your tired feet and legs after a long day in heels.

With a suite of specialized lifestyle massage programs like High-Heels and Toning, the uPhoria Warm foot massager is truly the best companion for Ladies who love their beautiful high heels.

8 Lifestyle Massage Programs For Your Well-Being

High-Heels (Ladies' favorite!) , Toning (Ladies' favorite!), Energize, Sleep, Reflexology, Relax, Sports Recovery & Senior

  • Customizable Massage - Adjustable to individual leg size and your preferred intensity, the customized width feature creates a unique experience tailored specially for every user.
  • Manual Massage Option - Personalize the massage the way you like it by combining the 'Glide and Knead' manual massage program with the 'Vibration' and 'Warmth Therapy' massage options.
  • Adjustable Angle For Personalized Comfort - Enjoy a quality massage at various angles by adjusting the lock-lever easily and conveniently.
  • User-friendly Maintenance - The fabric covering the uPhoria Warm can be removed and washed easily for better hygiene. Simply unzip and detach the fabric when needed.

Features a 5-in-1 Reflexology Foot Massager fine-tuned to cater to your legs

Enhanced Calf-Gliding with Kneading massage (Newly Improved)

The distinctive soothing-pain of the Tui-Na massage, delivered through firm and sustained strokes, stimulate key meridian points along the legs, which bring about good health and well-being, while the simultaneous kneading massage further amplifies the benefits of the massage by releasing built-up tension in the calves.



Wrap-around squeeze massage (Exclusive to uPhoria Warm)


Full coverage squeeze-and knead function provides the extra feel-good stimulation to alleviate muscle aches and strain, providing instant relief to your tired legs.



Roller Reflexology Massage


Programmed to complement the squeeze massage, the rollers stimulate the balls and arches of your feet while activating the vital reflex points for better health and well-being.



Vibration Massage



Releases pent-up tension in the muscles and aids circulation to trigger the body's natural detoxification processes.



Warmth therapy (Newly Improved)



With increased coverage, the warmth expands constricted veins and capillaries to aid further circulation and soothe tension in stiff muscles.




  • Voltage: 110-120V
  • Power consumption: 250W
  • Auto timer: 15 minutes
  • Weight: Approx. 20 kg
  • Warm air temperature: Approx. 54°C
  • Automatic massage programs: 8 preset programs
  • Massage areas: Calves, ankles, feet, foot soles
  • Vibration Massage: Yes
  • Heat therapy: Yes

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