Osim Massage Chair


The brand name OSIM is based on the name of our founder Mr Ron Sim, with the “O” symbolising the globe.

The icon of a person represents the focus of OSIM as a customer-centric brand. The icon’s vibrant glow signifies OSIM Inspiring customer’s well-being and helping its customers to feel great (on the inside) and look good (on the outside).

Brand OSIM is about the experience of total well-being.
It is about living an inspiring life. We channel our Brand at each and every customer touch point, communicating our values through our products, our outlet, our brand image, our service excellence and in-depth knowledge of holistic health.


Osim Massage Chair 

Your Sense of Well-being



Osim Massage Chair


Osim Massage Chair

Consumers everywhere are seeking to improve the quality of their lives, through better overall Well-Being. OSIM delivers its brand promise - that of product innovation, design and quality, performance, and safety standards - in products that promote Well-Being and a healthy lifestyle.

So as we celebrate being Asia's No.1 Healthy Lifestyle Brand, allow us to extend our gratitude and renew our commitment to improving your Well-Being, inspiring a better life for you.


OSIM Cares

Our service and support commitment



We care about your health and wellness, you can always talk to our well-being consultants to improve your massage experience – from stress relief to ease of aches and pains.


We are here for you on any service and support you might require. We welcome your feedback on our products and services, so we can improve your overall experience. Simply connect with us online and in store.


Our products are designed and developed by OSIM International Pte Ltd. We take pride in all our products and offer a one-year warranty for all applicable products. Extended warranty options are also available to customers.


We have a team of product technical experts who respects and loves your well-being products. Just call us when your products are down and we will try our best to get them up and running again as soon as possible.


We stand for inspiring well-being, committed to your lifelong journey to better health and well-being. All OSIM massage chairs come with a trade-in value that you can use for your next massage chair investment.



As Asia's No.1 Healthy Lifestyle Brand, we have earned multiple Reddot awards for our products. You can check them out by clicking here!

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