Select Affirm Payments For Monthly Payment At Checkout!
Select Affirm Payments For Monthly Payment At Checkout!


Q: Does my massage chair has warranty?

Yes, all our products come with free 1 year full coverage warranty.

Q: Can I purchase extended warranty for my massage chair?

Yes, you may do so anytime as long as it is still within the first two weeks of purchase.

Q: How much is the extended warranty and what does it covers?

The 1 year warranty is free and it is full coverage. The extended 2 years full coverage warranty can be purchased at 10% of the unit price ( 3 years full coverage in total).

Q: Can my OSIM product purchased in U.S/Canada be repaired overseas if it is still within warranty?

The company will definitely honour all warranty terms and commitments if the product (purchased from an OSIM Store) is located in U.S or Canada. We will do our best to provide assistance but note that any products requiring repair assistance BUT transited out of the country of original purchase will be subjected to costs of freight, custom/government taxes, service charges, delivery/collection charges, spare parts charges and/or any charges dictated by the regulations/policies of the country that the product is residing in.