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A pioneer and global leader in branded healthy lifestyle products, OSIM is always at the forefront of innovation and development of the most comprehensive range of products. The numerous brand awards, product design awards and overseas business awards, further strengthen our vision to inspire well-being across all aspects for our customers.



    reddot design award
    Winner 2016


uPamper 2

Inspired by the benefits of Gua Sha, a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy in which the skin is scraped to produce light bruising, OSIM uPamper 2 - the world's 1st Gua Sha Handheld Massager is true embodiment of form and functionality in one light compact package.



   reddot design award
   winner 2011


OSIM uVenus - the world's 1st Ambient Purifier. The award-winning uVenus cleans, purifies and transforms the ambience around you with its innovative air-purification technology scientifically researched mood light and music programmes. The combination of scientifically researched mood ligh and music programmes in uVenus help to relax your mind and body while the pure clean air allows for easier, healthier breathing.




    reddot design award
    winner 2008


Borne out of a passionate and natural union of scientific studies, innovative technology and cutting edge design, the OSIM uSpace redefines personal Well-Being and promises nothing less than a complete renewal of your body, mind and soul.



reddot design award
winner 2007


uScale BF

Get a precise measurement of the fat and water precentage in your body along with your weight. Using a reliable and scientific method to measure the bio-centric impedance method to determine the body fat percentage, the uScale BF also monitors your body’s water percentage so that you can maintain a healthy and sufficiently hydrated body.

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