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Full Body Massage Chair

uDream Well-Being Massage Chair
$12,999.00 USD$9,999.00 USD
uLove 2S Massage Chair
$8,999.00 USD$5,999.00 USD
uDivine V Massage Chair
$6,999.00 USD$3,999.00 USD
uDeluxe Warm Massage Chair
$5,999.00 USD$3,499.00 USD
uDiva 3 Massage Sofa
$3,980.00 USD$2,999.00 USD

Upper Body Massager

uJolly Back Massager
$599.00 USD$399.00 USD
uJolly 2 Smart Back Massager
$699.00 USD$539.00 USD
uRoller X-Sports
$299.00 USD$199.00 USD

Lower Body Massager

uPhoria Warm Leg Massager
$799.00 USD$699.00 USD
uSqueez2 Smart Foot Massager
$899.00 USD$699.00 USD

Gaming Series

$1,299.00 USD$899.00 USD
Sale Off
uThrone + uSqueez2 Smart
$2,198.00 USD$1,398.00 USD