Buying Guide: Sofa vs Couch

A never ending debate when it comes to furnishing a home - Sofa vs couch? Is there even a difference between the two? 


We often confuse ourselves which one is the correct term or if there's actually a difference between these two words. People call it couch while every so often, we hear the ones in home shopping and designers call it as sofa. So which is which? Truth is, there is no difference. Whether it's sofa vs couch, the only difference is how it is called and used in conversations. 

Couch - from the French word 'coucher' which means 'to lie down' is commonly referred to in a more casual term.

Sofa -  is the formal term used to describe a polished wooden benched stuffed with cushions and sophisticated designs. 

If you're a homeowner looking for a great home decor, you don't really want to stress yourself out on what to ask the staff in the shop. But if you want to be more technical, this might give you a few things to differentiate the two. 

If you're looking for a modern design, big stuffy seat where you can also lie down, relax or even curl up with your dog then be free to call it a couch.

If you plan to buy something polished, wooden, something made of leather with intricate design and more on for seating purposes and home decor, then you can call it a sofa. 

But then again, there is no difference really. 

Which is better for your home? 

Another question you need to consider when buying furnishings for your home is what kind should you get. Between a sofa vs couch, which fits your home better? 

1. Decide on your style 

Before buying the piece that you're eyeing for, you need to decide what theme or style are you going for in your home. Each piece of  furniture should complement the wall and other pieces together. Are you going for a homey and relaxing vibe where you can lounge around or a sophisticated look to match your classic taste? 

2. Consider your space

How much space can a piece of furniture in the room? Get the measurements of your room before going shopping. This way, you can select and put together the things you need. Do you have space for a bulky couch? Should you get a more functional pieces to save space? 

3. Address any practical lifestyle needs

uDivine V Massage Chair

Sometimes. it's not about sofa vs couch. Perhaps what you only need is a functional sofa with recliner or a full body massage chair disguised as sofa. If you're going to buy that sofa, how often are you going to sit on it? Are you more into recliners or couch? uDivine V full body massage chair is a multifunction chair. It's a massage chair that has 8 transformations that caters your need for relaxation and comfort without taking so much space. 

4. Consider it as an investment piece

Many people make the mistake of believing that they are saving money by purchasing a cheaper sofa. When choosing a couch or sofa, think of how long can it last you and what kind of maintenance does it need. Consider the quality of the materials - wood, upholstery, leather, cover, etc.  

Choosing between sofa vs couch is crucial in creating the mood of your home. Consider these guidelines to help you pick out the best piece.

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