5 Very Small Living Room Ideas

As the size of apartments and houses continue to shrink, today's new homeowners and families are forced to make more out of small spaces. The living room is a part of home where family mostly gather together and relax. One of the best ways is becoming a minimalist. There are more than one way to fully utilize the area. Here are 5 very small living room ideas

 1. Add built-in and hidden storage

Add built-in and hidden storage
Free up the floor of large and heavy cabinets and shelves. It is ideal to use built-in or hidden storage such as under the table to maximize space while keeping it clutter-free. Make use of the walls and the ceiling. Mount large items such as television or bicycles. Hang photos instead of using stands or use hanging shelves to improve interior design. Add storage using hanging shelves or cabinet especially if your living room has high ceilings. Camouflage it with the same wall color. Stash away bigger items to keep the living room more spacious. 

 2. Use a multifunction sofa.

Use a multifunction sofa
Downsizing your sofa and choosing a multifunction one instead of a bulky couch gives you more room for other stuff and a cozier atmosphere. Ottoman is one of the great very small living room ideas. It can work as an extra seat, a coffee table or something else. If you have a body massage chair, maximize its use by using it a snuggle sofa and a relaxing device at the same time. Osim's uDiva can transform into a sophisticated lounge chair with ottoman and a full body massage chair. Similarly, for those who enjoy lapping up a little luxury every now and then, a one-seater sofa with massage mechanisms, a stowed footrest and numerous modes of adjustability may be a better way to kick back than a sofa that takes up half the room without those added bonuses. Now that's comfort!

 3. Choose light wall colors

Shades of light colors such as pale blue, greys, blush pinks, off cream or light beige makes your room not only look wider but also refreshing and cozy. Light-colored walls also gives a good contrast to dark colored or wood furniture making it more distinct. 
 Choose light wall colors
If you’re looking to make a tweak to your floors, but still want to enjoy the bold look of varnished wood or dark marble, you can simply brighten them up with light-colored area rugs. Furnishings in bright shades and light pastel colors will aid in creating the illusion of more space; you can even take it a step further with mirrors to fool the eyes.

 4. Use mirrors, wallpaper or statement pieces

Use mirrors, wallpaper or statement pieces
It's surprising how this simple trick can actually add a fresh vibe to a room while making it look more spacious at the same time. Statement pieces and mirrors provide that focal point and personality to your living room. While keeping away clutter makes the room spacious, showing off pieces and mirrors distract eyes from the actual size of the room. These very small living room ideas makes a room more functional in a compact way. The mirrors reflecting the other side of the room or the outside view gives the illusion of a wider space. 

 5. Let there be light!

One of the biggest sources of spatial enhancement actually comes free of charge: sunlight. Utilizing natural daylight is a strategy that works time and again for interior designers and architects seeking to make spaces look larger and more inviting. While you may not be able to add windows to your home, simply switching out dark, heavy curtains with something lighter or semi-transparent (or removing them altogether) can make a big difference.
Let there be light!
Adding lights to parts of your home that aren’t bathed by the sun will also help expand your space. Avoid harsh fluorescent and opt for warmer globes, and don’t be afraid to mix and match your light sources to illuminate your space. Combining pendant lamps that disperse light with recessed cove lights and down lights ensures that your home will pop with the flick of a switch.
Redecorate and maximize storage potential. Take inspiration from different social media posts and magazines for very small living room ideas.
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