OSIM – Inspiring Well-Being

Founded in 1979, OSIM is a leading Wellness Tech innovator dedicated to creating user-centric, intelligent and connected solutions that inspire and improve the well-being of everyone.

Collaborating with global partners, OSIM is focused on developing effective and relevant Intellectual Property for OSIM’s ecosystem of Wellness Tech products and solutions, which offers customers the means to measure, monitor, and better manage their well-being so that they can feel good, stress less, sleep better and live heathier and happier lives.

Wellness Tech Ecosystem

OSIM continues to unlock new possibilities in product and digital innovations with the users’ well-being in mind.

Our user-centric wellness ecosystem of synergistic products, solutions, services and app, provides customers with a holistic digitalized well-being experience.

Patents and Innovations

Through continuous innovations, we leverage on new technologies to develop new, enriching and excellent quality well-being experiences and products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Brand and Product Awards

Achievements of global brand, product design and business partnership awards affirm our vision to be a global leader in Wellness Tech products.

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