What You Need To Know About Neck Massage

Feeling that persistent neck pain and stiff shoulders is quite common. It is often the result of a number of causes from simple habits of bad sitting posture, sleeping positions to car accidents and even infections. Home remedies and over-the-counter medicines can relieve mild to moderate neck pain. However, we can’t always rely on ingesting these meds. The best solution to preventing chronic neck pain is to form habits and knowing a good workout, stretch and neck massage benefits goes a long way. 

Will massage help neck pain?

Massage is one of the most effective and safest ways of loosening stiff neck and shoulders. Studies show that consistent neck massage improves condition and for some forgo treatments. But booking a massage therapy and finding the most convenient time to get it can be quite challenging for many. Getting a regular massage can come with a hefty price as well and difficult to follow up.  

If you find it hard to book a massage or find the most convenient time in your busy schedule, your best option is to get a massager. That’s where uCozy 3D Pillow Massager comes in.  

uCozy 3D Pillow Massager is a great and safe alternative to pricey massage bookings or conflicting schedules with your massage therapist.  This portable, comfortable yet powerful massager offers all neck massage benefits but with more convenience and affordability. 

Why does the uCozy 3D Pillow Massager offer numerous neck massage benefits? 

For one, it's comfortable and fits snugly between your neck and shoulders. Unlike other bulky pillows, uCozy 3D was improved and redesigned for optimum comfort while getting the most of massage and relaxation. 

It has intense bi-directional rollers that also produce warmth therapy that effectively combines with the soothing deep tissue roller massage. Once you lay your neck on this incredible pillow massager, you’re off to have a great relaxation  and satisfying massage virtually anywhere.  

Is a massage good for neck pain?

The neck is one of the most exposed parts of our body and is most prone to injuries and other physical pains. You may have heard that getting a massage offers long term benefits for your body - both internal and external. Deep tissue massaging is in fact one of the most effective alternatives as compared to acupuncture,  physiotherapy, relaxation therapy and workout. 

Feeling the discomfort and pain in the neck can be followed by an onset of pain and discomfort in other areas of the body. For instance, bad sitting posture or prolonged sitting on your desk job triggers the conditions followed by shoulder and lower back pain. 

Getting a deep tissue massage for your neck is just one of the benefits. It must also be incorporated by other healthy activities and habits such as working out in the gym, correct body posture and eating healthy. 

Is it bad to massage your neck?

Receiving a neck massage alleviates the pain and discomfort.  However, there are also risks in having it done with someone with no experience or with the wrong tool. Neck is a very vulnerable area and is connected to the spinal cord which makes it all the more dangerous.  Massage in itself is harmless, however if one uses too much pressure it may lead to soreness and malaise after the session. Wrong pressure on an injured part may aggravate it even more. 

The carotid arteries in the neck area are major blood vessels that are responsible for supplying blood and oxygen to the brain, neck and face. Putting too much pressure on these arteries may cause nerve damage or blockage that leads to mini stroke. There are careful techniques in massaging the head without touching the neck. 

As for massagers like uCozy 3D, they are designed and engineered to put just enough pressure on the area that needs massaging. It has enough warmth and pressure and fits perfectly between the neck and shoulder pressure points without touching the sensitive arteries while at the same time giving you that deep tissue massage safely.

Neck massage benefits

  • Improves neck strength and flexibility 
  • Improves blood circulation especially to the brain 
  • Improves immune system
  • Alleviates mild to moderate headache, migraine, neck and shoulder pain and inflammation 
  • Relaxes the mind and relieves stress
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