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osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair
osim massage chair

uDiva 2 Massage Sofa


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Designer Massage Chair Massage Chair Massage Sofa

Lifestyle Enjoyment With Multiple Versatile Modes

A massage chair that doesn't look like one. uDiva 2 offers features that are smartly and discreetly designed into a sofa to provide the most comfortable and functional massage chair. Integrated with the patented Osim massage technologies, it relieves muscle pain while giving you great relaxation to ease daily stress. Relax on this sophisticated sofa and select from its 6 auto massage programs and 8 sofa transformations.


Massage Chair-Osim

Independently Controlled Backrest With Innovative Massage Technology

Versatile Backrest For Greater Comfort. Transform between sofa, upright and reclined modes.


uDive 2 has 8 transformation to cater the best massage at the most comfortable position of your preference.

1. Back Massage with Ottoman - Reduce back pain and promote better posture while getting a full back massage.

2. Back Massage - Target your lower back and full back to relieve knotted veins and muscles while enjoying your relaxing activity like watching TV or reading.

3. Leg Massage - Rest your tired legs and feet while promoting health and overall well-being with reflexology massage. Pamper your calves, ankles and soles after long hours of standing.

4. Lounger - Rest your head and tired body and enjoy comfortable moments with this sophisticated lounger.

Massage Chair uDiva 2

5. Reclined Full Massage - Get a full body massage from your head to toe in relaxing 6 auto massage programs. Fall into deep state of relaxation and ease every day stress.

6. Sofa with Ottoman - Relax and sit comfortably. Rest your feet while enjoying some of your favorite hobbies like pampering your nails.

7. Sofa - Sit in this comfortable sofa. Made from the highest quality materials to let you enjoy your rest. Drink your tea, read your favorite magazine and even entertain some guests.

8. Upright full massage - Adjust the recliner and headrest to your preference. Sit, relax and enjoy a full body massage while enjoying other activities like watching TV or movie.

Hyper-Power Foot Massage Technology

Help to ease deep-seated aches for your tired calves, ankles and feet.

  1. Powerful squeeze-and-knead massage that relieves tension and promotes circulation

  2. Roller reflexology

  3. Vibration Massage


6 Professional Massage Programs For Your Multiple Lifestyle Enjoyment

  • Head + Shoulders
  • Lumbar
  • Happy Hour
  • Spa
  • Sports Recovery
  • Energize

8 Transformations To Fit Your Needs


Massage Chair-Osim


  • Voltage available / power consumption: 220-240V 50-60Hz (80W), 110V~60Hz (80W), 220V~50Hz (80W)
  • Auto timer: 15 minutes
  • Net weight: Approx. 53 kg
  • Gross weight: Approx. 66 kg
  • Automatic massage programs: 6 Auto massage programs
  • Manual massage programs: 7 Manual massage programs
  • Vibration Massage: Yes
  • Leg massager: Yes

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