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uDeluxe + uCozy Combo
uDeluxe + uCozy Combo

uDeluxe + uCozy Combo


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uDeluxe Massage Chair and the best selling pillow massager in market.

Indulge in the relaxing massage and pamper yourself from head to toe in the comfort of your own home. With the new generation massage technology combined with a suite of customizable massage programs, the OSIM uDeluxe provides human-like massage just like your personal professional masseuse.

massage chair - OSIM

Massage Chair Features:

V-Hand™ Grip Technology

massage chair - OSIM

Firm hand-grip massage with human-like precision targets stiff and knotted muscles on the neck and shoulders. V-Hand reaches out to reach the hard to reach places on your shoulders.

Seamless L-Track Massage

massage chair - OSIM

Go beyond back massage and indulge yourself and relieve pain from the lumbar area, hamstrings, glutes and buttocks.

Foot Reflexology All In One

massage chair - OSIM

It is no doubt that Reflexology is well sought after technique for foot massages. A targeted pressure point induced relaxation from the meridian points connected on the bottom of your feet. Quickly and effectively relieve stress and tension on your feet. The foot rollers and air compression provides not only relief but improves overall physical and mental health.

One Massage Chair, Unlimited massage combinations

Dynamic massage intensities ranging from 3 to 5 levels of 3D Massage intensity for your whole body. Paired with a variety of massage techniques, adjustable roller position, and customizable massage speed, it easily makes the uDeluxe one of the best value massage chair available in the market today.

Soothing Full Body Relaxation

Pleasant airbag Massage & Foot Reflexology

massage chair - OSIM
  1. Relieve tension in your shoulders and upper arm
  2. Instant relief for you arms, hands, and palms
  3. Relax your thighs and hips
  4. Rejuvenate tired calves, ankle and feet
  5. Auto shoulder detection
  6. Wider seat for maximum comfort
  7. Extendible Foot Massager

5 Automatic Massage programs:

  • Neck + Shoulder
    • The human like V-hand massage targets head, nape and neck areas to relief tension resulting from daily use of digital device.
  • Lumbar + Butt
    • The long track massage reaches the butt area to sooth and relax stiff muscles due to prolonged sitting.
  • Daily Essentials
    • Relax - relax and unwind your body & mind after a long day at work
    • Energize - invigorating massage to perk you up and heighten alertness for greater productivity
  • For Better Wellbeing
    • Stretch - Loosen muscles to improve range of motion and greater flexibility
    • Sleep - Prepare your body & mind for a restful good night's sleep
  • Customize your lifestyle
    • CEO - The ultimate massage relief for the high achievers and professionals in the midst of your busy schedule
    • Beauty - Regular massage improves circulation and keeps your body in shape, perfect for the beauty conscious

Zero Gravity Benefits

massage chair - OSIM
  1. Elevate legs above the heart to improve circulation
  2. Relief muscle tension, soreness and fatigue at the hips and thighs
  3. Relax the spine by naturally taking pressure away from your spinal discs, this helps to eliminate muscle tension in the lower back
  4. Help to expand lung capacity, allowing for deeper and more relaxed breathing
  5. Comfortable pillow supports the neck for added comfort

Combination of quality performance and safety

With users' safety as the upmost priority, the uDeluxe massage chair is professionally designed in accordance with the widely recognized International Quality and Safety Standards to provide the safest massage experience. You can now enjoy quality massage at home with peace of mind. 


massage chair - OSIMmassage chair - OSIMmassage chair - OSIM
  • Voltage: 110V ~ 60Hz
  • Power consumption: 130W
  • Auto timer: 15 minutes
  • Backrest reclining angle: 123 to 155 degrees
  • Net weight: Approx. 67 kg

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