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Targeted 3D kneading massage With ergonomically designed 3D massage nodes and firm dual-directional kneading action, the uCozy X Sport provides deep tissue relief for body aches. To further enhance your massage experience, the angled design of the uCozy X Sport cradles your neck for a snug, intense and targeted massage. Use anywhere, anytime The portable uCozy X Sport neck and shoulders massager can be used in the comfort of your home, on your office chair or even in the car (with the car adapter). 


Vibrating foam roller for your sporty lifestyle, uRoller X-sport with PowerVibrate Rolling, uRoller X-Sports powerful vibrations combined with knobs and ridges to knead and stretch your muscle layers, relieving your post-workout muscle soreness faster than the normal foam rollers.


This combo contains two items:

uCozy X-Sports Neck and Shoulder Massager


uRoller X-Sports


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3D Rollers

4 protruding 3D rollers that effectively knead into the muscle layers of your whole body, relieving muscle soreness and tightness.

Dual Directional

Auto rotates every minute, the 360° rollers stretch and unknot your muscle tissues to increase flexibility and range of motions.

Soothing Warmth

Mimic the warmth of the human touch, the soothing warmth promotes circulation and further alleviates aches.

Effortless postures to target upper and lower body

Using a foam roller can be tedious, especially after a vigorous workout. With uCozy X-Sports, you can effortlessly warm up before workout and massage for post-workout recovery.



Measurements in CM

uCozy X-Sport

Model number

Power consumptionApprox. 30W

110V ~ 50-60Hz

Auto TImer
20 Minutes

Gross weight - 1.5 kg
Net weight - 1.1 kg

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uCozy X-sport + uRoller X-Sports
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