Vibration Therapy: A Massage and Workout for Elders



What is a Vibration Therapy? 

Vibration massage is a technique used that uses shaking, rocking and gentle up and down motion to create a soothing vibration. This method is almost present in many types of massage such as sports massage, swedish massage and even aromatherapy. Nowadays, vibration massage is a common feature in many electronic massagers. It vibrates, shakes and presses the muscles in a much gentle way making it a relaxing and soothing technique. 

How does it work?

Vibrational massage works in a shaking and pressing method. These movements create vibrations or trembling sensations. For the traditional method, vibrations are created through pressing the muscles then the fingertips or palms of the hands create the gentle trembles. 

Is vibration massage safe? 

Using vibration to relieve the muscles and the body from tension and stress is helpful and healthy. There are even specially-designed beds and chairs that have vibration features to aid the person of their body aches and help them get better sleep. However, vibration massage becomes dangerous when the intensity is too high or exposure is too long. The recommended amount of vibration massagers are from 15-20 minutes; more than that, a person is at risk of damaging their nerves especially in the spinal cord area and deep tissue. Using an electronic massage device’s vibration requires precaution. 

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What are the benefits of vibrational massage? 

Vibrational massage like any other types of massage offers numerous health benefits when moderately and correctly applied.  This includes:

  • Soothing of tensed nerves and muscles 
  • The gentle trembles and vibration soothes irritated nerves which helps loosen knotted nerves and muscles. 

  • Healing of scar tissue
  • Recuperating from injury? Vibration promotes good blood flow. Getting the proper amount of oxygen and minerals in your body makes tissue recovery faster.  

  • Relaxing and loosening muscles 
  • Deep tissue massage using vibration not only loosens the tensed muscles but also reduces lactic acid build up. 

  • Stimulates blood and glandular circulations.
  •  Improving blood circulation is one of the health benefits of any massage technique and vibration is no different. The unknotting of tensed muscles and nerves helps improve the flow of oxygen, minerals and vitamins in the body .

  • Reduces stress and improves mood 
  • Unlike other techniques, vibration is on the gentle side of massaging. These gentle trembles not only relieves muscles but also relaxes them. This results in a better mood and good night’s sleep.

  • Promotes burning fat and weight loss
  • Not only health benefits but vibration massage also promotes fitness. Advocates say that vibration massage for 15 minutes at least 3 times a week helps aid weight loss and burn fat. This is due to the vibrational movements that contracts the muscles which stimulates like a workout. 

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    Other benefits:

    • Increases metabolism
    • Strengthens muscles
    • Reduces bone loss
    • Reduces back pain 
    • Improves balance to older adults
    • Improves metabolism

    Best places to perform a vibration

    • Neck
    • Lower back
    • Arms
    • Legs
    • Buttocks
    • Abdomen

    Who can’t use the vibration massage therapy?

    No matter how relaxing a massage is, there are certain conditions that can be risky when applied with massage. You are advised not to take a vibration therapy if- 

    • You are taking blood thinning medication
    • You have advanced case of diabetes
    • You are pregnant
    • You have a heart condition

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    Vibration massage offers health and fitness benefits especially for older adults who are not able to exercise or workout due to old age. 

    Osim massagers are packed with different massage methods including massage therapy. You can acquire multiple benefits in just 15 minutes of whole-body massage. One of the biggest benefits of having a massager? It’s getting a massage at home anytime you desire.

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