Unusual Ways to Strengthen Bones

Aging is something we cannot stop. People grow old and by the time we reach the golden age, our body starts to deteriorate. However, there are ways we can do today that can help slow down the aging process. Bone loss or losing bone mass happens especially for women after menopause. Slow down this threat by adding these unusual habits to your daily routines to build healthier bones.

Feel the sun 


Soaking up some of the sunshine is healthy. Being under the sun for 15 minutes gives you the recommended daily vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for bone-building and increases bone density. Best to do it in the morning when heat is not too much for your skin. A good 15 minute stroll early in the morning is a good routine to build.


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If you don’t like running, long distance walking or jogging, then stay in place and start jumping.  Did you know that jumping 20 times twice a day can actually improve your bone density? Study shows that doing this routine makes the hip bone denser and stronger. Jumping is fun and healthy. 

A sip of alcohol

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This is a good excuse for people who like to take a sip or two of alcohol before turning the night. Having a little alcohol - not more than 2 drinks a day increases bone density. Beer in particular contains nutrients that are important to building and maintaining bone strength. Don’t drink more than the recommended dosage though or you’ll get the reverse effect. 2 drinks is enough. 

Get more ZZs

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Getting enough sleep is vital especially for growing kids and older adults. Sleep the time the body repairs any damages and rests after daily exertions. Bone building and re-building happens when we sleep and the disruption caused by little rest and sleep could be detrimental for your bones’ metabolism.

Relax with a massage

What better way to end a stressful day or week with a relaxing massage? Getting a massage offers numerous health benefits. Not only does it relax your mind and body, but also aid in repairing tissues, tensed muscles while strengthening your bones. Massage helps recovering from injury and bone loss as it improves blood circulation that is vital in distributing oxygen and nutrients in the body. For older adults, getting a regular massage prevents arthritis pain, bone loss and improves their sleep. 

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