I'm Sick! Is It Okay to Get a Massage?

Due to concerns around Coronavirus disease COVID0-19, we thought of sharing this important information for your health and safety. 

So, let us steer from our usual topic shall we? 

There’s been a question that’s been frequently asked by our consumers and readers.

Is it okay to get a massage if you’re sick? 

Sitting down and getting a relaxing massage is something to look forward to.  However, what should you do if one morning you wake up and you go down with a cold, flu or fever? 

Is it okay to get a massage for cough or flu? 

It is true that massage boosts the immune system. It also improves blood circulation and loosen stiffened muscles. However, when flu or fever is onset, getting a massage will make you feel worse. Also, the spread of viruses can be very harmful to the people around you. 

It is best to take a good bed rest during the time your symptoms are at its peak. During this time, your body is very vulnerable and tired, getting a massage makes the condition worse. It is best to let the symptoms pass for a week or two. 

I don’t think I’m contagious, should I get a massage?

Remember, you can never be certain if you’re contagious or not when you’re sick. You may be already spreading virus before the symptoms set in. You can still spread the virus even if you’re almost recovered. 

Think of this, other than making it hard for your body, if you use the massager you are spreading your virus all over it. A recommended massage time is 15-20 minutes, it’s a lot of time to spread the virus to the massager and the next person. The risk is too high to pass it on the next person, and the next. It is always best to play it safe for your sake and others. 

When should I get a massage after being sick?

As mentioned, you could still be spreading virus even when close to recovery. Taking antibiotic will help reduce the possibility.  If you feel you have recovered, it is the best time to finally get the massage. 

During your fever, flu, cold or cough, your body becomes very tense from all the coughing and lying down. It is when you should relieve the tension by getting a relaxing massage. 

Give your body the proper time to heal before taking a massage. 

What kind is the best massage after getting sick?

Your body gets stiff after all the sneezing, coughing and lying down. Getting a warmth massage and deep tissue massage is best after recovering from sickness. it relieves strained muscles and brings back a good blood flow to your body making overall recovery. It's like rewarding your body the much needed relaxation after working hard.

Things to remember:

  • Disinfect the massagers. Use a cloth with alcohol to wipe the massagers. You can also spray a disinfectant. 
  • Always wash your hands. 
  • Stay home if you have a fever, flu, cold or cough
  • Stay at home if you know you’re contagious
  • Stay at home from the onset of the symptoms until you recover.

These are tough times, be vigilant and take care of your health! Remember, get a massage to boost your immune system and keep you in good condition. Take a good rest from the onset of your sickness. Wait a week or two before getting the massage. 

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