Home Decor Ideas: 3 Ways to Freshen your Home With Florals

When it comes to home decor, it's hard to go wrong with flowers. It can come in different forms, not only limited to fresh flowers. Adding a touch of flora to your living space effectively freshen things up quickly. Best of all, it instantly boosts your mood and puts you in a calm ambience. Here are 3 ways to spruce up a modern home interior with florals. 

1. Hanging florals 

Imagine stepping home into a cascading flow of flowers. Now, isn’t your home much more inviting than ever? No need for a dramatic floral piece like those in weddings. You can get creative with other hanging décor coupled with some of your favorite artificial blooms. 

Popular choices of such hanging décor are geometrically shaped ones, accented with air plants and fake flowers. Artificial floral decorations are very achievable and it definitely adds a touch of garden vibe for living room ideas


2. Floral posters, prints, and pressed flowers


Another home decor ideas to add vibrancy to your space is floral posters. If you feel hanging décor are too much and doesn’t fit with your space, this is the way to go. Floral paintings or posters are much more suitable for spaces with a modern setting. When it comes to choosing paintings for the modern home, always pick bigger blooms as smaller blooms tend to look more vintage and old school. Plus, prints are much easier to maintain as well. It adds an artistic touch, elevating the entire ambiance of your house.

If you can’t seem to find that perfect floral painting, you can try making a pressed flower framed art. This is another way of repurposing your blooms, giving them another life in your home.


4. Floral prints on furniture

Other than floral paintings, another way you can incorporate flower decoration into your space is through furniture. You do not need to select one that is entirely covered in flowers, as that can be too distracting. 

Instead, pick one that is accented with flowers. In this case, you can still retain your space and modern home interior with a touch of elegance. For example, the uLove 2 massage recliner is adorned with either magnolia or peony blooms on the side. Looking at it from the front, it still possesses the stylish appearance while the sides are embellished with floral décor. 

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